Thursday, July 30, 2009

You're Making It All Come Alive by My Favorite Highway

I've finally come to realize that we are all the same
If there's nothing left to lose then there's every to gain
All the paragraphs and pages you could write could not contain
It is curious and careless and it's flowing through my veins
The fear of growing old, and doing what you're told
You can't disguise a heart while it's breaking
You hide behind the smile you're faking
It's all about the the chance you're taking
Oh, and you know that you're making it all come alive

If your life is so damn comfortable then why do you complain?
A reflection in the alcohol you're pouring down the drain
Just because you paint a picture doesn't mean it fits the frame
This is my West Coast intervention and I'm getting on that plane

When all of your mistakes are keeping you awake
The sun is setting and it's ending 'cause you're letting it go
Forgetting everything you already know
And it all goes to show that you're moving to slow
It will end up changing you, it will end up changing you

Life flies by so you have to embrace it
Forget the past 'cause you cannot erase it
So live the dream, and learn to chase it
And when you can almost taste it
It's all come alive
You're Making it All Come Alive - My Favorite Highway
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  1. this was an amazing post
    your first picture of chris from skins is great.
    I had a marathon last night of skins, after not watching it for a few months!

  2. i had a marathon of skins on the weekend too :)

  3. Awesome post.... love the sentiments, and the photos are so much fun and so fitting!

  4. I love, again, your selection! I was thinking was it Chris and it was. I watched the first and second seasong of skins in a week and I'm missing those people a lot, which is weird. I really miss Chris and his attitude towards life.


  5. lovely photos. that one i've used on my blog with the floral background is one of my favourite photos at the moment, dont suppose you know who its by? xx

  6. the wallpaper in the last pic is fantastic!

  7. Gorgeous images!

    Thanks for the comment about reading. you are right, so easy to neglect the old books, but glad you are finding your love again! :)

    Renee x

  8. These pictures are so wonderful!